Replica Forex Token

The First Binance Smart Chain Token based on Foreign Exchange Automated Trading Software.

Automated Trading Software

As the MT4 software market remains competitive, the GPS Forex Robot has withstood the test of time.

Shared Community Pool

Less risk, more reward is our objective! RFX Holders will benefit consistently from Forex yield profits.

Replica Market Management

Many crypto projects fail due to lack of market management. Our team has a management system for market health retention.


Because RFX is Forex related, dependence on community growth isn't necessary due to the win percentage of the automated trading software.

Live Updates

Notifications regarding Forex trades will be per trade event(e.g. open trades, closed trades, etc.). All updates will be available on our social media.

Short & Long Term

Regardless of your strategy, RFX has the flexibility to suit everyone's financial goals.